Thursday, November 30, 2006 

My New Phone: Samsung SGH A707

   I purchased my last phone, the ubiquitous Motorola RAZR, 2 years ago to the day (the day it was first released - and cost $500). I was happy with that phone, mainly because of it's size and reliability. However, as a self-described ...

Thursday, September 28, 2006 

Motorola Razr 2 - K1 Cell phone coming

   The FCC approved Motorola’s new K1 handset, or the rumored Razr 2. The K1, as the FCC lists the model, is a quad-band GSM/E.

  • The Motorola K1 / Canary / RAZR 2 takes one step closer to reality

       ... with auto-focus and flash, a microSD slot, and Bluetooth v1.2 (providing stereo audio and Generic Audio/Video Distribution). Read [FCC] Via [Phone Arena]. Canary, EDGE, fcc, gsm, motorola, motorola k1, motorola razr, RAZR, RAZR 2.

  •    Oops - Engadget says this is also Motorola RAZR 2 - mmmh, Razr 2 same as Canary. OK, now, why would Motorola want to release a version two of their superhit product? Beats me! Will keep a watch on this one for sure.

  • Motorola Canary (Razr 2) - Make it Pink!

       Introducing the Motorola "Canary" or the Razr 2. Cute Gadgets got photos of it via Engadget, but only Cute Gadgets showed the picture I'm most interested in:. Yes, it'sa phone as slim as the Razr, but much less wide. No word on colors, ...

  •    This thing looks amazing! It's far slickr than the existing razr. I'm sure this thing will fly off the shelves. Take a look at the phone that will be everywhere come this x-mas.

  • Pics of the New RAZR 2, codename �Canary'
       It looks just like the old RAZR but its�drum roll�..30% thinner. (big suprise..)

  •    That's right, suckas: we got our hands on a Canary (aka the RAZR 2), Motorola's still-unannounced follow-up to the RAZR. We only got to spend a few precious hours with the Canary, but we can confirm that this phone's glossy surface is ...

  •    The Motorola Canary is still unannounced, so details are sketchy, but there's no doubting from its looks that this is the new RAZR 2. Indeed, once the clamshell is open, it's hard to tell it apart from the original

  • Canary - Razr 2
       - Narrower version of the now-ubiquitous

  •    ("You Take My Breath Away" by The Knife). I'm getting tired of a certain type of people who are always either bemoaning the rest of the world for having poor taste and not liking their idiosyncratic preferences, while at the same time ...